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Publishing Services

Everyone has an ideal to leave something that might be of value for future generations. That small part of you, your unique talents, gifts, insights and life experiences which can affect thousands of people's lives that crave the same ideal you crave, but do not have the confidence to pursue themselves.

Some people has even asked you when you will write a book, but the very idea of all these unknown aspects that writing and publishing a book entails, made you squirm.

Today, however, you have the opportunity to start sharing those aspects and to make that difference, the wealth of experience and knowledge, you wish others would make for you. Let AV Publishing help you capture your knowledge, ideas and experiences in a tailor-made book of which you are the author.
AV Publishing now makes it possible for you to make this dream come true.

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Books Published

Have a look at the books already published by AV Publishing for various self-publishing authors.

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Proofreading of manuscripts

Should the author themselves proofread their manuscript, it may sometimes happen that they overlook some errors, since the content is already known to them and therefore there is a rush in the process.

Because AV Publishing understand that proofreading is a daunting process, I offer this service to authors who want to ensure their manuscripts linguistic and technical accuracy is impeccably correct.

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Translation services

Every person has a language in which he/she easily writes. Even if the person is proficient in other languages, the translation of your own works requires energy that could rather be spent on your own creative process.

So if you want to publish your writing in more than one language, but do want to experience the torment of translating your work, AV Publishing offers you the answer.

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Word processors are fairly freely available to most people today. However, not all computer users are up to date with the correct and technically correct typing methods for technical and academic documents.

Regardless of the purpose of the work that you want typed, you can be assured: If AV Publishing has done your typing, it will be correct in terms of the purpose and genre for which you need it.

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Recording of text in MP3 audio

Recording of all academic / literary / secular books or documents to MP3 audio.

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Facilitation of Printing

Although the publishing process of your publication does not necessarily have to be painful, many authors are not familiar with the process and handling of it. For some, it is even scary.

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