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Author: Dr. Graham Clingbine

Welcome to the website of author Dr Graham Clingbine! Enjoy looking through the pages and do invite your friends and family to do the same. The books featured are available right now for you to read and enjoy. They also make great gifts at Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries or at any other time. The books have been sent to readers from countries around the world and they are all available to order online… so don't miss out and order a book TODAY. You will not be disappointed!

Click on the below link to access Dr. Graham Clingbine's website:

Dr. Graham Clingbine

Konsultasie met Dr. Stof Stof

Stof is geroep om jou tot diens te wees met die volgende dienste:
* Bediening van die gestigmatiseerde persoon
* Bediening van die psigiatriese pasiënt
* Hospitaalbediening
* Geestelike konsultasie
* Woordbring
* Huweliksdienste en huweliksbevestiging
* Kommisaris van ede

Stof is by CCSA geregistreer, wat hom magtig om ten volle as berader te funksioneer.


Klik hieronder om Stof se webwerf te besoek

Stof Konsultasie

Dream Team Group

Our Aim:
* We at the Dream Team Group not only offer our clients our expertise in construction, but we also offer guidance and assistance in obtaining the services of reputable professionals, such as architects, civil engineers & contractors.
* We are ever mindful of the need to offer clients a cost-effective service. We will under no cicumstances sub-standard workmanship, or the use of inferior materials, simply as a means to enable us to offer cheaper prices.
* To assist our clients in adhering to a realistic budget, and to deliver a superior service by understanding the needs of the client.

083 320 5835

Click on the below link to access Dream Team Group's website:

Dream Team Group

Mark's Framing

About us:
* Kunsterapie om jou lewe weer te ontdooi.
* Laat Mark Purnell se kunsspan jou inspireer tot die ontdekking van die ware jy.
Mark Purnell


Click on the link below to go to Mark's Framing's website:

Mark's Framing

Event Owl

About us:
* Event Owl will clearly define your event goals and objectives for a seamless event and outstanding results. If you’re overwhelmed by planning an event and have no idea where to start, our team will offer you our expertise in event planning and development within the Western Cape of South Africa.
* Our event specialists have been in the business for more than 10 years, so we know exactly how to plan and develop your event from the very beginning all the way up to the start of the event.
* Event Owl believes in paying it forward. We have had involvement in fundraiser projects such as Cure4Keanu and giving opportunity to under privileged kids who have enlisted in the Department of Cultural Affairs and Sports (DCAS)’ MOD program. (Children within the MOD program voluntarily sign up to develop special sports and arts skills.
* This worthy program keeps kids off the streets within dangerous areas, while their parents are at work and also forms part of the Government feeding program.
* Some of our future CSR projects include:
Disabled Entrepreneurs &
Advancement of New Talent.

084 782 6511

Click on the link below to go to Event Owl's website:

Event Owl

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